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Our History

Gulf Coast Repair & Machine Shop is a great example of the American dream realized. Gulf Coast Repair and Machine Shop began as a humble endeavor. Starting only with the American Dream, determination, and a garage the company took root. In its beginning Gulf Coast Repair and Machine Shop provided a limited amount of repair work services . As years went on and our client list grew, so did our shop, and list of items manufactured by us. Today we service hundreds of clients in both oil field and other aspects alike. We make everything from general purpose standard machined components to meticulous batch production runs. Gulf Coast Repair and Machine gradually expanded into the company it is today by valuing hard work and attention to detail.

Our Goals

Gulf Coast Repair and Machine Shop strives to make the best quality products for our customers. We pride ourselves in using quality materials, performing quality work, and ultimately seek to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We look forward to continued growth and lasting relationships with our customers.

Employement Oppurtunities

Gulf Coast Repair and Machine Shop is an equal opportunity employer. We highly encourage applications from qualified candidates and value a diverse work force. We value safety and offer several types of training courses for new employees as well as existing employees. We promote a learning environment, encouraging all employees to expand their skill set.

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Our Growth

Over the years Gulf Coast Repair and Machine Shop has seen rapid growth and we can attribute that to our customers and dedicated employees. We will continue to strive for complete customer satisfaction and look forward to growing and serving our customers for years to come.

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